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Our Learning Solutions

Academic Systems is the world leading provider of online teaching and training software systems and services.

Virtual Classes

Our virtual classes and E-books may be used as the primary medium of teaching and training, replacing teachers and computer labs, or they can be used as support and reference material for a virtual library.

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Interactive Classes

All class materials are e-learning modules delivered as interactive computer animations that simulate real-life situations.

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Innovative Technology

Our web-based virtual academy is developed with the latest HTML 5 technology, and is compatible with all mobile and traditional PC platforms.

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OK, So why Academicsys?

There are lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Our system is easily adaptable to deliver training for the staff or clients of businesses, corporations, and institutions of all sizes.

  • The web-based virtual classes and E-books are interactive and, in addition to computers and laptops, can be delivered on any mobile device.
  • Our system can deliver literacy and education to remote or difficult places to access, conflict zones, and disaster areas.
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